Upgrade Webhooks without downtime

How to get the latest Version without missing a beat

To avoid missing messages for apps used in production, follow the steps below to upgrade your Webhooks to a new version.

  1. Modify your code to support the new webhook schema. You can use the version property included in all event payloads to conditionally execute code based on the webhook version. Your code is now capable of receiving both webhook versions while ignoring the newer version for now.
  2. Once changes from step 1 are deployed, create a custom integration with the new version with the equivalent triggers as the webhook you wish to upgrade.
  3. With both webhooks running, write and deploy code to accept payloads with the new version and ignore those with the old version.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the webhook upgrade, remove the webhook with the old version.
  5. At this point you may remove code specific to the old version.

Steps 2-5 should be tested in a non-production environment before they are applied to your production environment.