Welcome to the Operations1 REST API!

Discover the Operations1 REST API! Here are the two things you need to make your first API call right here on this portal: You need your tenantId and a Bearer token. With these two, you can make calls using this portal.

What is my tenantId

Your tenantId is contained in the URL of your Operations1 instance. The tenantId for https://company.operations1.app/ is company.

Create a Bearer Token

Obtaining a Bearer token requires the creation of a technical API User on your Operations1 instance.

Follow these steps to create a Bearer token:


Your own account needs the permission to create new users.

Make sure that you either have that permission or ask a suitable user to execute the following steps for you.


The token will be only displayed once when it is created!

Make sure to handle it accordingly.

  1. Log in to your Operations1 instance.

  2. Navigate to the System Settings and open the Users Menu.

  3. Click "New API user account" in the menu on top.

  4. Name the "user" and configure it.

  5. Click "Save".

  6. This is now your technical user account. In the user list, it is shown with this key icon.

  7. Find your API User and click the key icon to access the dialogue to create an access token.

  8. Choose an expiry date for the token.

  9. Click the reload icon to generate the token.

Having these two at hand, navigate to the endpoint you would like to test. Enter the tenantId and your token into the corresponding fields, select an API version, and hit Try It!. Your request will be executed and various copy and paste code examples are available.