How the Operations1 REST API handles pagination

When working with the Operations1 REST API, you'll encounter pagination when retrieving lists of items. This system is in place to enhance response times and optimize resource usage by breaking down query results into smaller, manageable portions, allowing you to access your data more efficiently.

You have control over how many items appear on each page by using the pageIndex and pageSize query parameters. For example, a request might look like this:{tenantId}/resource?pageIndex=1&pageSize=30

The response will look something like this:

 "totalItemCount": 30,
  "pageIndex": 1,
  "pageSize": 30,
  "items": [
    { /* item 30 */ },
    { /* item 31 */ },
    { /* item 59 */ },

  • pageIndex allows you to specify the page you want, with page numbers starting at 0 (Valid values: integers greater than or equal to 0 or the string 'last').
  • pageSize determines the maximum number of items you'll receive in one request (Valid values: integers from 0 to 200).