Using a Proxy

If you need to go through an HTTP-Proxy to make requests to your Operations1 instance you can configure it with the HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variables. Those environment variables take the format:


For a usual Operations1 instance, all requests will go over HTTPS so you will need to set HTTPS_PROXY via export on Linux or macOS, via setx on Windows or via the mechanism the programming language provides which you are using to call the CLI.


Workaround when using a Proxy-Setup

We have noticed that HTTPS and SSL Certification can cause problems when working with our CLI tool via proxy. To disable certificate validation, log into the CLI tool with the --insecure flag.
It's important to note that bypassing SSL certificate validation introduces security risks. Without proper certificate validation, you may be vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks or unknowingly communicating with an unauthorized or malicious server. Therefore, it's generally recommended to use proper SSL certificate validation and only use the --insecure flag when necessary and in controlled environments.

Examples Linux or macOS:

export HTTPS_PROXY=http://user:[email protected]:5678

Examples Windows:

setx HTTPS_PROXY http://user:[email protected]:5678